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My Role

This work was completed while being employed at Jacknife.

I worked as a UX Designer on small team including a Creative Director, Visual Designer and Developer to establish the initial design strategy and oversee interaction design choices, create some basic wireframe layouts as well as test the website through various stages of development.


Kids at Home is a Toronto retail outlet operating both an ecommerce and brick-and-mortar store focused on selling children’s products with a focus on Canadian designers and boasting a wide selection of items Made In Canada

“Our challenge is to constantly intrigue you with our finds of the coolest modern Canadian cutting edge designs in furniture and lifestyle goods.”

– Kids at Home

Design Strategy

Kids at Home’s motto is “design to spark their creativity” so keeping that in mind we felt the online shop should have a strong lifestyle element to it while keeping the overall presentation fun and playful. The brick-and-mortar store is know for it’s excellent displays combining furniture, toys and decor to create potential ‘rooms’ in the store.

This sitemap demonstrates the flat architecture that puts the focus on shopping putting the main categories (by age group) at the forefront.

User Interface

It was important that we could adapt that kind of presentation to the web as well. Large lifestyle photography would be used to set the stage on each product page which complemented the smaller product shots and gave context to the offerings by putting them in situ. The combination of crisp photography with ‘handmade’ elements and type gives the site a modern sophistication without sacrificing the feeling of childhood curiosity and playfulness.


The result of our work is a clean, modern interface that does double duty as an online shopping tool and entices the user to visit the brick-and-mortar location.

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