Endorsements from Past Clients

"I feel very lucky to have worked with Jimmy Rose since 2007; he's dedicated, thoughtful, measured and is able to juggle tight deadlines with ease. I admire both his creativity and his ability to work under pressure with such a confident, calm and cool demeanour. He is invaluable to the success of Shedoesthecity and consistently helps us to improve business."

Jen McNeely


By being sensitive to our needs and responsive to the company’s vision, Jimmy was able to help AutoShare’s overall objective to simplify and improve the buyer’s journey. The results were instant; higher sales volumes, and a website that is markedly better to both new and existing AutoShare members. In addition to a keen eye, Jimmy’s excellent communication skills helped circumnavigate panicked calls with prompt answers and pinch troubleshooting advice – all while remaining personable, cordial and professional (qualities that are key in his craft.) I’d recommend him any day.

Agata Kazimierski

Marketing Manager

Jimmy is collaborative, easy to work with, takes direction, but is also creative and is able to deliver results quickly.

Andrea Cooper

TACK Marketing

Jimmy has a friendly, easygoing approach which makes web work comfortable for a non-techie. And I'm thrilled with the site design, its features and the community is has allowed me to build and support.

Marlena Oliviera

Nonprofit MarCommunity